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 White Hawk Malt Whiskey


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"Introducing White Hawk Malt Whiskey, an extraordinary blend of traditions that sets it apart from the rest. Crafted with the finest 2-row malted barley and distilled three times, akin to the meticulous process of Irish whiskey. What makes it truly unique is the use of Mesquite barley instead of peat-smoked barley,  and not up front, in your face like peat but in the back giving it a distinct Texan flair. Affectionately nicknamed the 'American, Texas, Irish Scotch,' this whiskey is a symphony of flavors that transcends borders, embodying the essence of multiple worlds in every sip."


Nice lingering finish. And incredibly smooth! Neat or on the rocks.


Great with BBQ with or without spices, grilled vegetables, Fish and Crawfish boils, nuts, cheeses and your favorite after dinner cigar.    

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