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 White Hawk  Malt Whiskey


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We make our White Hawk Malt Whiskey from 2 Row and Smoked Mesquite Barley. We get our grain whole so it is as fresh as possible. We then grind into the right size Gris, then add it to our mash tun and cook for 90 minutes. After straining and fermenting we then distill 3 times.


Our nickname for this is an American Texas Irish Scotch Whiskey. WHAT?

Start with 100% malted barley like Irish and Scotch Whiskeys. Instead of a Peat smoked barley we use a Mesquite smoked barley. We distill it 3 times like Irish whiskey and it is unaged like American Moonshine. 

This is a unaged Malt Whiskey that has a flavor all its own. Since we do not age our White Hawk Malt Whiskey in barrels you get the these beautiful complex flavors from the barley itself with no wood barrel influence for a truly unique flavor and profile.


Pour into a GlenCarin glass neat or on the rocks and you notice something different right away. A beautiful light smooth aroma and taste up front with a great barley sweetness  followed by a very subtle lite mesquite smoke flavor.      Nice lingering finish. And incredibly smooth!


Great with BBQ with or without spices, grilled vegetables, Fish and Crawfish boils, nuts, cheeses and your favorite after dinner cigar.    

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