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 White Hawk Malt Whiskey


DorWood White Hawk Whiskey is a distinctive American Texas Irish Scotch-style spirit that stands at the crossroads of centuries-old whiskey traditions. Drawing inspiration from a millennium of whiskey making, this unique expression takes a bold departure from the norm, creating a memorable drinking experience.


Crafted with care, this whiskey is made from 2-row Mesquite smoked barley, a departure from the traditional peat used in Scotch whiskey production. The mesquite smoke imparts a character that sets it apart, offering a flavor profile that reflects the rich heritage of American whiskey-making combined with influences from Ireland and Scotland.


Triple distilled to perfection, DorWood White Hawk Whiskey undergoes a meticulous process that refines and concentrates its essence. The result is a smooth and well-rounded spirit that captures the essence of the raw ingredients.

One of the most intriguing features of this whiskey is its decision to remain unaged. By forgoing the influence of barrels, DorWood White Hawk allows enthusiasts to savor the pure essence of the 2-row Mesquite smoked barley.        This choice provides a rare opportunity to experience the raw, unadulterated flavors of the grain, reminiscent of what Irish and Scotch whiskey  along with the light Mesquite might taste like before the maturation process shapes their final character.


In essence, DorWood White Hawk Whiskey offers a journey back in time, inviting whiskey connoisseurs to explore the roots of the craft. It presents a unique blend of American, Irish, and Scotch influences, culminating in a spirit that captures the essence of centuries of whiskey-making tradition while boldly charting its own course.


Malt -Photoroom-Photoroom 123.png

Nice lingering finish.

And incredibly smooth! Neat or on the rocks.


Great with BBQ with or without spices, grilled vegetables, Fish and 

Crawfish boils, nuts, cheeses and your favorite after dinner cigar.    

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