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What is DorWood Distillery?

DorWood is a family owned and operated Craft Distillery located in Buellton Ca in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley and World-Famous Santa Barbara Wine Country Santa Barbara wine County California.                                                                           

DorWood is more than just a Craft Distillery of Internationally Award-Winning Craft Spirits.

It is family and a lifestyle.

It is seeing that technology and the faster way of everyday life is not necessarily the best way of doing things.


The finer things in life take time.

Life is a little slower in the Santa Ynez Valley. Has been for a very, very long time.

The Chumash Indians have been in the area for over 11,000 years. This is a valley of people who for a long time have done it the Old School way. 1 day at a time. Getting their hands dirty and turning nothing into a way of life. And yet keeping a balance with the surrounding area, nature, lifestyle, family, mind, body, and soul.

Besides being know for our world class wines, people come here to enjoy our lifestyle, enjoying family and friends, connecting with their spirit, world class food and drinks, the slower ways of life and the overall relaxing energy that we have here that lets the pressures of everyday life just disappear for a while.


That's why we started DorWood Distillery here because we want to make craft spirits that has the soul and attitude of the Valley. To put a piece of that spirit that drives our lifestyle into every bottle.  To be able to make something a little different from the rest. 

Something special.

Something you remember and want again. 

Something,  you want to tell your friends about.                                                          


So, every time you sit down and have a glass of our spirits, we hope you taste the love and dedication that we put into every bottle we make, and you start to unwind as it brings you back to a relaxing moment away from the daily grind we call Life.

 So we raise a glass and hope you give us a try and become a member of the family.   



Come on in and stay a while!

At DorWood Distillery

"We don't do Tasting, we do Experiences

So come on by and have your own Experience. We look forward everyday to who we meet and what it might bring to our Journey. Live life to its fullest and experience everything possible with no regret!. 


May the road rise up to meet you. 

       May the wind always be at your back.       

   May the sun shine warm upon your face. 

And the rains fall soft upon your fields.

And, until we meet again,

 Be good to each other!

         Cheers – Sláinte – Kanpai – Cin Cin            Za Zdarovje – Skål – Prost

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