Jeff, Joanne and myself have been involved in different business's and industries like Construction and Development, Music Industry, Athletic Clubs, Physical Therapy, etc. over the years. 

Jeff and Joanne had purchased Bella Cavalli Farms in early 2000's and had started their Winery and World Class Horse Training and Rehab center business. And after reading for a few years in the Wine Industry Trade Magazines in the early 2008's about how the Distilling industry is an up and coming Industry, Jeff gave me a call and asked what I thought about opening a Distillery. I have loved and drank Tequila for years and thought about making my own Tequila (our Agave) and I said Heck yeah. I called Jeff the next morning and said " I guess I need to start learning everything I can." So I spent the next year just researching, reading and going to as many distilleries as I could and try and learn as much as possible.


Then we needed some place to do it. We decided on Buellton and the Santa Ynez Valley located in the Heart of Santa Barbara Wine Country (remember the movie Sideways) mainly because of the life style here, its location to Southern California and the material we use in our products being so close by. Our parents moved us to Northern California from Southern Illinois when Jeff and I were very young to a country farm town in Northern California were we grew up and loved the easy going slower lifestyle more than a bigger population area. Buellton fit our business plan and lifestyle perfect. Jeff and Joanne had lived in the Santa Ynez valley since the late 1990's. The kids went to school and graduated here. And now our parents and Joanne's parents both live here. We love living here and being apart of the small town atmosphere, its slower pace and quitter part of the world.

                    And so in October 2014 we took possession of 201 Industrial Way #D Buellton California.                           My brother Jeff, his wife Joanne and I just moved into the DorWood Distillery World Headquarters.                      Our location was a big ole 1900 sq. ft. totally empty Industrial building. 

 And then the fun really started!

We want to bring that same feeling we get living here to every bottle of DorWood Spirits. Every time you open and pour a glass of DorWood spirits we want to bring you back to that feeling of the country spirit relaxing you, separating you from the rat race in the other world. So come and be part of our family.


At DorWood Distillery

"We don't do Tasting, we do Experiences

So come on by and have your own Experience. We look forward everyday to who we meet and what it might bring to our Journey. Live life to its fullest and experience everything possible. 


May the road rise up to meet you. 

       May the wind always be at your back.       

   May the sun shine warm upon your face. 

And the rains fall soft upon your fields.

And, until we meet again,

   May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Cheers,Sláinte Mhath,Prost!





201 Industrial Way #D  Buellton Ca 93427