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DorWood Hand Crafted Spirits

DorWood is a distinguished brand renowned for its internationally award-winning, handcrafted spirits, meticulously crafted for those who prefer to savor the pure essence of the spirit itself. Our commitment to authenticity is evident in our single batch distillation process, where only the finest "Hearts" of the distillate are retained, discarding the less refined "Heads" and "Tails." This dedication results in remarkably smooth and distinct spirits that are best enjoyed neat, allowing the true character and flavor to shine through, without the need for cocktail mixers that mask their essence. We take pride in sourcing local ingredients, ensuring each spirit is a unique expression of its type. DorWood embodies the artistry of spirit-making, offering a sensory journey that invites you to appreciate the true flavors of our exceptional, internationally acclaimed liquors.

Agave Blanco
White Hawk Malt Whiskey
G7 Gin
Habapeno Limoncello
Rusty Pelican
7 Spirit Sample Set
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