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Tasting Room



Tasting Room

We are open for Tastings, Pickups, or Shipments.

Open Everyday except Wed  11 am - 5 pm    

Please last Tasting Cocktail by 4:15


Tasting Fees

$15 per Flight per person.

Flight includes a .20 oz taste of 7 products.

2 people per flight Max.

1 FREE tasting with each 2 bottles purchased!

15% off on 3 Bottles or more.

All Cocktails $15

​​15% discount for all Active

Military, Police Officers, Firefighters & Masons


Kids and Dogs welcomed

As long as they don't eat anyone!

Open everyday except Wed


Last Tasting 4:15

So what is a DorWood Spirit Tasting

DorWood Spirit Tasting: Pure Elegance in Every Sip

Is this your 1st time doing a Spirits Tasting? Just like Wine and Beer tasting they are all drank different from each other. With Spirits, being higher proof, you need to sip instead of guzzle. This is good alcohol and needs to be enjoyed which means smaller sips. Below is a good layout on what to look for during your tasting. 

Discover the essence of DorWood with a tasting of seven meticulously crafted spirits, each served in portions just under 0.25 ounces, adhering to California state liquor laws for a total of 1.5 ounces per per person per day max.

Our spirits are a labor of love, produced with locally sourced ingredients, artisanal expertise, and a profound passion for the craft. Each taste is a tribute to the art of distillation and the commitment to excellence.

To relish the true character of these exceptional spirits, here's how to savor the experience:

  1. Appreciate: Start by admiring the spirit's visual appeal in your glass. Observe its color, clarity, and legs, revealing the craftsmanship behind its creation.

  2. Inhale: Close your eyes and breathe in the aromatic bouquet. Allow your senses to explore, from the aged whiskey's smoky richness to the gin's botanical notes.

  3. Taste: Take a slow, deliberate sip. Let the spirit envelop your palate, and experience the layers of flavors that emerge. Pay attention to the balance, sweetness, and subtle hints of spice.

  4. Finish: Savor the lingering taste, a testament to the spirit's smoothness, complexity, or the delightful warmth it imparts.

  5. Pure Enjoyment: At DorWood, we believe in the purity of the spirit itself, and we encourage you to enjoy it without any mixers. Adding mixers can dilute the intricate flavors and rob you of the genuine spirit's essence.

At DorWood, we invite you to celebrate the craftsmanship of these spirits and the joy of savoring them in their unadulterated form. Each sip is a tribute to the dedication and passion that goes into making these exceptional bottles, and the pleasure of an authentic tasting experience.

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