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Start with our Santa Barbara county grown estate wine Dorwood Vodka. 

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Using our handmade zesting machine we use California grown lemons and take off only the rich oily tangy zest that has no pith . The pith contains bitterness. The more pith you have the more bitter it becomes and the more sugar you need to hide the bitterness. Since we start with no pith we need to add only a very small amount of our home made simple syrup. Our Limoncello has an incredibly balanced Lemon Zest and Alcohol up front with a light (not a syrup bomb) sweetness on the back end. This is not a sryupy drink. And its also 80 proof instead of 50-60 proof like most Cellos.

By  itself or with a creamy dessert or on ice for a middle of a hot summer day refreshment.  


You can pair it with any chocolate type dessert (citrus and chocolate always go well), also pear tart or  drizzled over vanilla ice cream, biscotti and don’t forget the cannoli.     

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