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"Introducing our extraordinary DorWood Vodka-Infused Limoncello, a fusion of artisan craftsmanship and Italian zest. Hand-zested lemons, combined with our homemade simple syrup, create a Limoncello that defies tradition—it's not syrupy, boasts low sugar, and is an impressive 80 proof for a truly elevated experience. Infused with the spirit of DorWood Vodka, this Limoncello is remarkably smooth, delivering a harmonious blend of citrus and sophistication."



You can pair it with any chocolate type dessert (citrus and chocolate always go well), also pear tart or  drizzled over vanilla ice cream, biscotti and don’t forget the cannoli!    


NOTE: Limoncello is made from the oil of the lemon zest. Our Limoncello is yellow yet very clear.

After a while the oils will come back together and form and little cloudiness on the bottom.

Don' worry, it's not contaminated.

Just shake it good and your good to go.

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