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DorWood Vodka stands as a testament to craftsmanship and quality, starting with its unique foundation—World renowned Santa Barbara County Estate wine. This exceptional vodka undergoes a meticulous distillation process, being distilled three times in a 16-plate column still.

The choice of using a 16-plate column still reflects a commitment to precision and refinement, allowing for a thorough and controlled distillation process. This results in a vodka that is not only exceptionally smooth but also carries the subtle nuances and characteristics of the original wine.


What sets DorWood Vodka apart is its versatility. Crafted to perfection, it can be enjoyed neat, and at room temperature. Sipping on DorWood Vodka allows you to appreciate the purity of the distillation process and the unique qualities derived from the Santa Barbara County Estate wine.

Immerse yourself in the world of DorWood Vodka, where the marriage of premium ingredients, expert distillation, and a commitment to excellence creates a spirit that is meant to be savored, whether on its own or as the foundation for your favorite cocktails. It's not just a vodka; it's an experience that embodies the artistry of distillation and the richness of Santa Barbara County's terroir.



Vodka cuts through rich, creamy textures and helps bring out the sweetness in a rich dish. Salty flavors bring out the clean acidity of a well-crafted vodka like DorWood Vodka, and it complements the food by a adding  a smooth finish.  Smoked fish of all kinds. Smoked meats, sausage, hams or pork tenderloin and beef, creamy or salty cheeses and of course Caviar.

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