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"Introducing our Santa Barbara Estate Grape Vodka, a pinnacle of elegance and craftsmanship. Born from the sun-drenched vineyards of Santa Barbara, this grape-based vodka undergoes a journey of perfection. It's distilled three times in our cutting-edge 16 plate Vodka tower and meticulously filtered six times through pure coconut charcoal. The result? A velvety smooth vodka that's a delight to savor straight at room temperature or an essential ingredient in crafting the finest vodka martini. Taste the essence of Santa Barbara in every drop."



Vodka cuts through rich, creamy textures and helps bring out the sweetness in a rich dish. Salty flavors bring out the clean acidity of a well-crafted vodka like DorWood Vodka, and it complements the food by a adding  a smooth finish.  Smoked fish of all kinds. Smoked meats, sausage, hams or pork tenderloin and beef, creamy or salty cheeses and of course Caviar.

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