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Hand Crafted Vodka made from Wine

This is truly a Hand Crafted Artisan Vodka that will bring you back to drinking Vodka.

 And drink it straight.

To make the best Vodka possible you need to start with the finest ingredient's available. 

That is why we use only the finest Santa Barbara County grown estate wine. 

Then We distill it 5 times and filter it through Coconut Charcoal 6 times.           

The first hint of aroma is a light sweetness that caresses your  nose. Take a sip and let the pure clean fresh crispness coat your tongue , followed by a beautiful mouth feel that has a creamy silky texture in the middle  with a delightful long finish.

Perfect for cleansing the palate or making your favorite Martini , Cocktail or straight up.


Vodka cuts through rich, creamy textures and helps bring out the sweetness in a rich dish. Salty flavors bring out the clean acidity of a well-crafted vodka like DorWood Vodka, and it complements the food by a adding  a smooth finish.  Smoked fish of all kinds. Smoked meats, sausage, hams or pork tenderloin and beef, creamy or salty cheeses and of course Caviar.

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