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Ready to Drink



Indulge in the extraordinary with DorWood Distillery's Ready to Drink (RTD) Craft Cocktails. Crafted with DorWoods internationally award-winning Spirits and Liqueurs, along with the freshest hand-squeezed juices and natural elixirs, these 100 ML (3.2 Oz) portable delights redefine cocktail perfection. Just like the cocktails crafted at our distillery, each RTD cocktail is a masterpiece, expertly balancing spirits and mixers. With two proofs of 10% or 30-34% alcohol, they're your ideal companions for beach days, theater outings, shows, music festivals, ball games, and lively gatherings.             Revel in the security of knowing precisely what's in your cocktail—pure excellence in every sip.

10% -34 -37% ALC 

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