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DorWood Ready to Drink (RTD) Cocktails

Want to take our Craft Cocktails to a party, beach, Theater or wherever?

Now you can with our DorWood RTD Cocktails. Our same incredible tasting Cocktails that we make at the Distillery, now in a 100 ML  (3.2 oz) tube for easy transportation. Throw them in your purse, shirt pocket, ice chest and have them when you want them.

Just shake and pour into a glass with ice or neat. 

Nothing else needed except the glass.

We have 2 strengths to choose from

1. Full cocktail strength of 33%-36% abv per cocktail that you are used to at the Distillery or in a Bar.

2. But we also understand that there are times when you want to unwind, socialize, and enjoy more than one drink without feeling overwhelmed. That's why we offer our second option, cocktails at a refreshing 10% ABV.

These lower-alcohol cocktails are expertly crafted to provide you with the same exquisite flavors but with a milder alcoholic kick. You can sip and socialize freely, knowing that you can savor multiple cocktails throughout the evening while staying awake and alert. 

Coming 2024

100 ML Ready to Drink Cocktail
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