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2019 San Diego International Spirit Compitition Bronze Winner

2019 San Diego International Spirit  Competition Bronze Medal Winner


Agave Blanco

The journey of crafting our Internationally award winning DorWood Agave Blanco begins with the careful cultivation of the Blue Agave plants, which are known for their sweetness and depth of flavor. These mature agave plants are grown and hand-harvested by Jimadores, skilled agave experts, who have an intimate understanding of the plant's growth cycle, ensuring that only the finest piñas, or agave hearts, are selected for production all grown, harvested, cooked and squeezed in the heart of Jalisco Mexico.

Once the piñas are harvested, they undergo a meticulous process that involves slow-roasting in traditional ovens. This cooking method allows the agave to release its sugars and develop its distinct flavor profile, characterized by a delicate sweetness and earthy undertones. The roasted agave hearts are then crushed to extract the precious aguamiel, or agave juice.

This juice is then shipped to DorWood

This juice is the foundation of the tequila and is then fermented using natural yeasts from the agave fields of Jalisco region, fostering a unique and complex flavor profile that reflects the terroir and traditions of Jalisco and then distill 3 times in a single batch hybrid still.

Creating an incredible Agave Blanco made north of the border .


DorWood Agave Blanco tastes delicious with a first course, something with acidity, like ceviche or chips with salsa. That includes lemon, lime, bitter orange, Key lime, grapefruit, and even mango. Citrus flavor, such as seafood or chicken, also well with DorWood Agave. Think light seafood like tilapia or shrimp marinated in Agave and fresh lime, then grilled with butter and sprinkled with cilantro and salt.

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