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2019 San Diego Spirit International Competition Bronze Medal Winner


Agave Blanco

"Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Jalisco, Mexico, with our Agave Spirit. Grown amidst the sun-soaked landscapes of Jalisco, our agave plants are carefully selected and harvested and their juice is extracted before embarking on a journey to DorWood. Here, we lovingly ferment and distill this precious nectar to create a truly exceptional spirit that captures the essence of Mexico's heartland. Each sip is a tribute to the land and a celebration of craftsmanship, bringing the warmth and soul of Jalisco to your glass."

"Jalisco's Agave Elegance, Crafted to Perfection at DorWood."



Pairings: DorWood Agave Blanco tastes delicious with a first course, something with acidity, like ceviche or chips with salsa. That includes lemon, lime, bitter orange, Key lime, grapefruit, and even mango. Citrus flavor, such as seafood or chicken, also well with DorWood Agave. Think light seafood like tilapia or shrimp marinated in Agave and fresh lime, then grilled with butter and sprinkled with cilantro and salt.

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