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We start with our Signature Dorwood Vodka and then add our 9 hand  selected natural  floral, spices and botanical's and distill it one more time at a low proof to create a truly unique one of a kind  bouquet of aromas and flavors. 


San Francisco World Spirit Competition Bronze Medal Winner

SFWSC-Bronze (1).png


G7 Gin

"This is Not your Dad's Gin"

First thing you will notice is the lite Juniper Berry nose is not right up front but rather towards the middle, after you have been introduced to the wonderful world of Cardamom, Coriander, Cloves, Cinnamon, Orris Root and then finished all that off with a nice Lavender and light Orange and Lemon zest flavor and aroma.               


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This is a full cocktail just waiting to be poured over a glass of ice!

Or warm it up like a hot (80proof) Herbal tea. MMMMM Goood!


Plays well against the briny sweetness of a classic shrimp cocktail,                   chilled seafood platter or grilled prawns.

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