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G7 Gin

   2019 San Francisco    World Spirit Competition

Bronze Medal Winner

SF Compitition Bronze medal


G7 Gin

"Introducing G7 Gin, a masterpiece of mixology born from the alchemy of DorWood Vodka and a symphony of nine hand-selected, natural florals, spices, and botanicals. Crafted with precision, each ingredient contributes to a harmonious fusion of flavors and aromas that make this gin truly exceptional. Whether sipped straight, in a Martini or heated up like a herbal tea, G7 Gin promises a captivating journey for your senses." 

This is a full cocktail just waiting to be poured over a glass of ice!

Or warm it up like a hot (80 proof) Herbal tea. MMMMM Goood!


Plays well against the briny sweetness of a classic  shrimp cocktail chilled seafood platter or grilled prawns.

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