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Welcome to DorWood, a family-owned and operated distillery since 2014 that has garnered international acclaim for crafting exceptional spirits. Our passion for the art of distillation drives us to create beverages that are meant to be savored and enjoyed on their own. With a commitment to quality and a rich tradition of excellence, we invite you to join us on a journey of taste and distinction. Cheers to the world of DorWood, where spirits are more than just drinks; they are experiences to savor.

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Bella Cavalli Wine Tasting

Bella Cavalli Winery, known for its exclusive offerings, is unveiling a public tasting room at DorWood. Experience the opulence of a private winery now accessible to all. Join us at DorWood for a taste of sophistication and fine wines and spirits in one location.  Elevate your palate and enjoy the essence of Bella Cavalli in a welcoming setting.

A toast to shared indulgence! 🍇🥂

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Great hidden gem in Buellton. This small distillery  is offering some amazing spirits.I was across the way at some wine bars and saw their small sign. My curiosity got the best of me. We walked in, sat down and my tastebuds were taken on a wonderful journey. I tried spirits I normally would not have ever ordered. I will say that the quality and taste of what's being produced here is clean and like none I've had before. The limoncello is great! A little tart, sweet and very lemony.We had a conversation with the owner and even took home a bottle!I would highly recommend everyone stop in and try a little somethin somethin. Check it!


I am entranced. Vodka is smooth and creamy, the agave spirits are crisp and nectar-y. Those are my least favorites. The gin... The gin is magic. And the limoncello is the antithesis of all of the crap you've had by the shot. It's freshly zested and lemony and the essence of the Italian summer

DA, Lompoc

In a word "smooth", Brothers Spirits is a small distillery making some very good spirits. The grape based vodka is fantastic, the Agave (Tequila) is very good but I must say the Limoncello is my favorite. The owners provides outstanding customer service, they educate you on the distilling process and have created a cool little venue to hang out in to taste the spirits or enjoy one of their amazing cocktails.

I have visited the location several times and have brought several friends and family members to sample the spirits. they have all agreed, it can be summed up in one word, "smooth!"
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