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Hand Crafted Small Batch Sophisticated Spirits


   Located in Buellton California in the heart of the Beautiful Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara wine country, DorWood Distillery is a true soil to sip, hands on family owned and operated distillery making each batch small and hand crafted the old world way. Everything we do is handmade and made onsite.


   Using only the finest natural material sourced as close to home as possible, DorWood uses these ingredients to make truly Sophisticated Spirits. We distill everything on site and we only use the Hearts and discard the Heads and Tails for a purer cleaner smoother tasting spirit. We make products that can stand on their own. Our goal is to make spirit's you can enjoy by themselves and enjoy their natural taste when distilled correctly.

   Our benchmark test is you have to be able to drink any of our Spirits  at room temperature and neat (nothing added). You might not drink it this way later, but this is a great way of seeing how good and smooth it is when warm. The warmer a spirit is, the more flavors you taste. Can't hide nasty flavors. That's why they want you to drink Vodkas as cold as possible. To try and hide those flavors.  

   No cocktail mix is needed with our lineup. But if you do want to elevate your cocktails to another level, then please mix away. As they say "Great in, Great out"

    When you visit DorWood Distillery you are immersed  in the whole distilling, aging and tasting process. You can learn, see, hear and smell everything from start to finish. Come on by and enjoy our beautiful Tasting Room and Distillery facilities.

And if you like, pick up some bottles for home or the party afterwards.     


Tasting Room 11-4-2021.jpg

At DorWood "We don't do tastings, We do Experiences"

So come on by for your own personal experience and tastes you will never forget.       

We are open for Tastings, Cocktails, Tours and Experiences

Please last seating for tasting is 4:30.   

Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat /Sun  11 am - 5 pm Closed Wed.


We are dog and kid friendly as long as they don't bite anyone.

Cheers, Prohst, Sláinte Mhaith, Salute, Genstzt, Kanpai


201 Industrial Way #D

Buellton Ca 93427



2nd driveway on the right and all the way in the back.

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