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For Members Only

What does it cost ?

No Contract

No Cost to Join

No Card to Carry

No Cancelation Fee

No Minimum Purchases

What are the benefits of being a member?

* Advanced purchase options of limited-edition and new products before public release. 

* Access to Doubl D Club Members Only Store, bottles and  merchandise. 

* Invited to Members Only events.

* No minimum purchases needed. 

* Earn rewards called DorWood Dollars for each purchase to use towards gifts @

   the Doubl D Club Members Only Store.

Earn DorWood Dollars 2 different ways

You earn 1 DorWood Dollar for every dollar spent at DorWood Distillery.  

Earn points for leaving reviews on social media, signing up, referrals  etc.

How to Earn DorWood Dollars

1 DorWood Dollar for every $1 spent on DorWood products & Store.    $$ DorWood Dollars

Signing up on Spirit Club.                                                                         25 DorWood Dollars

Give us your email address                                                                         50 DorWood Dollars 

Bonus DorWood Dollars at every 500 DorWood Dollar.                           50 DorWood Dollars

Birthday Bonus.                                                                                            50 DorWood Dollars 

Referral – Have a friend sign up and receive.                                       25 DorWood Dollars

Use your DorWood Dollars to purchase gifts at the

Doubl D Club Members Only Store

DorWood Buck a Bottle

Buy a Bottle of your favorite Spirit for a Buck.

G7 Gin – Limoncello – Habapeño- Reposado     $1 for 1 bottle                 490 DorWood Dollars

White Hawk Malt Whiskey - Agave Blanco        $1 for 1 bottle                 450 DorWood Dollars

Vodka                                                                      $1 for 1 bottle                 390 DorWood Dollars

1 Sample Pac                                                          $1 for Sample Pac            450 DorWood Dollars


1 Sample Pac                                                                                                      450 DorWood Dollars 

1 Cocktail                                                                                                          140 DorWood Dollars

Ship 1 Bottle                                                                                                     160 DorWood Dollars

Ship 2 Bottles                                                                                                  180 DorWood Dollars

Doubl D Club Rules


1.  DorWood Dollars are only redeemable at Club DorWood Store and have no cash value.

2. DorWood Dollars are only redeemable for duration of Club DorWood.

3. DorWood Dollar Spirt Club rules maybe discontinued or changed with or without notice.

4. DorWood Dollars are non-transferable.