Shipping and State Liquor laws

California Residents:

To comply with California State Liquor laws there are some products that we cannot ship directly to California customers at this time. The State allows us to ship any of our Grape or Fruit base products providing they are labeled with the correct name. This is why you might see two different names for products like our Vodka/Neutral Brandy for instant. There is only a slight difference between the two. Vodka spirits needs to be distilled to 95%/190 proof were as Brandy’s need to be distilled at 94.9%/189 Proof.  The difference is extremely small with no difference in taste or aromas but huge in what we can and cannot sell directly or ship to consumers.

With Brandy products we can ship and sell directly to Consumers, Stores, Bars and Restaurant’s but with the spirits like Vodka/Gin/White Hawk Whiskey etc., we have to sell to a distributor to sell to retail outlets and we can not ship any spirit products inside of California to private individuals at this time but we can sell 3-750 ml bottles per person per day only from the Tasting room at the Distillery. For more information call Jay at the distillery.

201 Industrial Way #D  Buellton Ca 93427