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Celebrity Showcase

Freddie Salem
Long Rider Vodka

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Long Rider Vodka

    is a true American Spirit.

Crafted by Legendary Guitarist,

Producer and Session musician

Freddie Salem and

DorWood Distilleries

in Buellton, California.


Touring the world 8 Xs with various artists such as the Chambers Brothers, The Outlaws, The GODZ as well as many additional artists throughout his lengthy and adventurous career, as a notable musician around the world.


 Long Rider Vodka,

Hand Crafted and distilled from

American Corn, 7 X s for clarity, 

incredible smoothness and robust taste, 

in any combination desired. 

Freddie Salem

Long Rider Vodka

Where rock ‘n’ roll meets

refined craftsmanship.

Remember, it’s not just vodka,

it’s an encore waiting to happen.

Long Rider Vodka
"Discover the taste of the Great American West with
Long Rider Vodka.
Cheers to all my
Brothers & Sisters
on the World Stage"!

Freddie Salem
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