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DorWood's 2023 Holiday Cocktail Crafting Extravaganza!

🍹🌟 Welcome to DorWood's Cocktail Crafting Extravaganza! 🌟🍹

Indulge your inner mixologist and join us in the

ultimate celebration of creativity, craftsmanship! 

🍸 Craft the Perfect Cocktail Contest: Shake, stir,

 and pour your way into the spotlight with our

"Holiday Cocktail Crafting Extravaganza!" contest.

Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or an at-home enthusiast, we want to see your signature drink creation using DorWood Spirits. From classic concoctions to avant-garde innovations, let your mixology prowess shine! The winning cocktail will be featured on DorWood's menu, and the creator will enjoy the title of DorWood's 2023 Holiday Cocktail Crafting Master Mixologist.

🎨🥂 Contest Details:

  • Submission Deadline: Dec 25th. We need time to try your cocktail

  • How to Enter or just watch and make/vote: Share a photo or video of your cocktail along with a description of your inspiration for the cocktail along with the recipe so we can try it out and post it on our Forum @ 

  • "Holiday Cocktail Crafting Extravaganza!"

🏆 Prizes: Winners will be awarded not only the admiration of the DorWood community but the Bottle of their choice. and to have your winning creation featured prominently in DorWood's promotions along with the cocktail being a Specialty Cocktail on our menu.

🌐 Contest Headquarters: Visit the page Contest Page to stay updated on current and upcoming contests. Discover your creative potential and let your imagination flow! Who knows, you might just find yourself toasting to victory.


Voting will be opened from Dec 26 - Dec 31. Winner will be announced Jan1, 2024.

We encourage comments. 

                                         So Let's Mix!

and have a great Holiday Season

xmas tree pic
Xmas bells
Lemon Drop Martini
MoonSour cocktail
Holly 2_edited.png
Holly 2_edited.png
Holly 2_edited.png
Holly 2_edited.png
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